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Nike5 Street Gato Review

I’m back! With a review on Nike5 Street Gato.I’ve been using them for 5 months or so, I think it’s the right time to write a review.

A glimpse on Nike5 Street Gato

Gato series have always been a great Nike5’s silo. It may not be the lightest boot out there, but these shoes have a comfortable feel and durability. Often at the advertisement, the Gato silo is always overshadowed by their sibling, the Elastico. Which I found weird.

First Impression

I prefer Gatos than another Nike5’s silo, because the comfort and durability are the most important things to have in a pair of shoes. And personally, I like the silo because of their style, really casual and versatile. They can perform in the court well, they can be used for running, and the style is casual enough for everyday use. 😀

The Performance

It’s about 5 months ago, but I don’t forget how these shoes feels out of the box. These are really comfy, but you can’t really expect it to perform at the maximum capacity right out of the box. U need to break these in for about an hour, so that the upper and the sole flexes and really fit to your foot shape and movement.

The TPU pyramid section adds the power of a pass and shot, but not much. But I think it’s a nice addition. And the touch on the ball is supreme, but sometimes the upper feels too bulky at times. Over time, as the shoes breaks in, this won’t be a problem.  But for the Elastico silo’s fan, I can say that these shoes are not for you guys.

The cushioning is one of the best in indoor soccer shoes. You can say that the Cushlon is absorbing much of the impact of the court or concrete, which is a nice thing to have.

The XDR Rubber really adds the durability of the shoes to be used at concrete, but the harder the rubber sometimes means less traction. Luckily, Nike doesn’t use it all over the sole, so these shoes still have a decent traction. These shoes perform well in any surfaces except at the dusty surfaces, but I found it common in most shoes. So, don’t be afraid of the performance these shoes have at the court or turf.

In durability, these shoes are going to last a long time. Because of the XDR Rubber and double-stitching at the sole. But of course, u have to use and maintain it properly.

The Verdict

Nike5 Street Gato are for you guys who like the feel of a comfortable, stylish well made performance shoe. The upper is thick, the sole is thick, the weight is there, these shoes are made to withstand any challenge of the game. But of course, for the lightweight silo’s fan, I can say that these shoes are not for you guys. For sizing, it’s about a half size smaller. I usually wear a US 9.5 / EUR 43, but I use the size US 10 / EUR 44 at this review. Overall, a really great shoe, and for the price, you get the full value. Because you just bought a really versatile shoes, a pair of performance shoes that u could use everyday with confidence.

Here is some statistics of the shoes (subjective):

Shooting/Passing (9/10)

Touch (8.5/10)

Dribbling (7.5/10)

Comfort (9/10)

Durability (9/10)

Traction (8/10)

Style (9/10)